WA ARMS - Licensed Federal Firearms Registrar and Transfer Broker
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We are located in Richland, WA off Van Giesen near the Yakima River Bridge going into West Richland. Call for directions to the shop. (509) 554-8401 or email wafirearms@gmail.com

; Forget the middleman, YOU can now make Internet purchases direct. Why pay a "markup" to a gun shop when you can purchase firearms direct from the same suppliers?

WA Arms is licensed to process required Federal Firearms Transfers (Form 4473) and to access the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) maintained by the FBI. Our computer link connects directly with the FBI Database and can provide instant Background Checks in less than 1-miunte.

After you place your mail-order (via the Internet or telephone) the firearm is delivered the next business day and will be ready for pickup; you need only to pay a nominal $25 Professional Service fee for the Federal Form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record) and receive a "PROCEED" notification from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

If you are purchasing a Handgun, WA Stare Law requires that the local Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) conduct a background check and provides for a 5-day waiting period before the Buyer can take possession of the handgun. If you already have a WA State Cancelled Pistol License, the handgun can be delivered as soon as the Federal Firearms Transfers (Form 4473) is completed and a "PROCEED" notification from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System is received.

WHO WE ARE: WA Arms is a privately held small business located in Richland, WA. We are sanctioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to Buy, Sell, Register and Transfer Firearms. Washington Arms is also authorized to access The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS, also referred to a E-Check) to determine the suitability of a US Citizen to possess a listed firearm; reference ATF Form 4473 for a full description of background attributes verified.

WHAT WE DO: Our primary business line is serving Tri-City Area residents that elect to purchase firearms (direct via Internet) from Out-of-State Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers and Wholesale firearms brokers. We also make direct over-the-counter sales of selected new and used firearms and maintain a Community Posting Board for private sales of used firearms between individual Buyers and Sellers.

IDENTIFICATION; All firearms transactions MUST be documented on a Federal Form 4473. A WA State Drivers License or Resident Alien Card (Green Card) MUST be provided at the time the Form 4473 is completed. The identification card MUST show a current residence address. 


  • Sales of new and firearms. Selection is usually limited to Self Protection Handguns of the type utilized by Military and Police. 

  • Offer a free Community Posting Board as a service between to private BUYERS and SELLERS.

  • Purchase firearms as requested by individual customers. We can mail-order any firearm not banned by legislation. 

  • Transfer firearms between WA State residents approved by the Local Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) 

  • We also ship "out of state" to any Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer or individual and where permitted by State Law.

  • A Tri-Cities area resident may also purchase a firearm themselves (via the Internet) and have it shipped to our Richland Facility for local pickup. Contact Washington Arms for more information. Note; handgun purchases must be authorized by the local Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) and the necessary Transfer Record must be completed prior to delivery of a firearm to a Buyer. 

  • Maintain an updated listing (Community Posting Board) of privately held firearms offered by individuals.